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Perinatal Loss
Resources and Products

Managing bereavement resources and products can be overwhelming. Our experience has found most printed resources provided to families are out of date and there are inconsistencies in support products and comfort items, either donated or purchased by facilities. We have developed several packages that can help alleviate these problems, while being cost effective.

Three Little Birds Resource Packages


Parents can scan the QR code to be taken to where specific resources are updated. We can personalize a page specific to your region/healthcare system.


Family resources - For nearly a decade, Three Little Birds has worked to maintain up-to-date printed resources to provide families when we meet them bedside and through our website. What we have found in working closely with hospitals is that resources with specific dates, contact information, etc are not being updated and often times are years out of date. To reduce the amount of wasted printed resources, Three Little Birds has developed a comprehensive resource package to ensure families will have access to updated and confirmed support and resources. This supports both patient and provider by alleviating the burden of chasing beneficial information. How it works:

  • Our basic resource package offers four sections of printed pages, sectioned to speak to the patient at specific parts of their journey.

  • These sectioned resources include 1. At the time of loss; 2. Infant Remembrance Portraiture/Bonding; 3. Burial, Cremation and Testing options and 4. Post-partum support. These documents offer providers tools to use when having difficult conversations with families regarding autopsy/post-mortem testing options, burial or cremation options and postpartum considerations.

  • The printed information will not change. The QR code provided takes the family to Three Little Birds website, where the resources and contact information are updated and verified routinely.

  • Our resource packages reinforce the access to Three Little Birds nest of support when the time is right for them. Note: Three Little Birds virtual support program is open to all. Our in-person support options are limited to the Philadelphia/South Jersey region.

  • Our resources are offered in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Haitian Creole and Portuguese. Additional language options available.

  • Digital/Print your own or pre-printed options available.

Benefits of our Family Resource Package

  • Reduces printed waste

  • Provides consistent resources without worrying what is updated

  • Supports provider in effective communication

  • Offers parents a space to connect with others through our virtual support program

  • Eliminates language barrier specific to your demographics

Family Resource Package options

Basic package - Our basic resource package includes the four section documents above with QR codes directing families to  Three Little Bird's website where we maintain resource updates. While the majority of the specific resources are local to the Philadelphia/South Jersey region, there are still resources that can support families across the country. Two options for purchase - Print on demand ($_____) or Pre-printed for up to 30 families ($_____ including shipping).

Premium package - Our premium resource package includes the four section documents above with QR codes directing families to a personalized page on Three Little Bird's website where we will maintain resource updates. It can be branded to the healthcare system/provider and offer resources specific to your local region. We will work with your Perinatal Bereavement Manager to ensure the resources are being updated and routinely reviewed. (Print on demand ($_____) or pre-printed for up to 30 families ($______ including shipping).


Provider Training Basic Resource Package  - Three Little Birds offers a comprehensive Provider Training Resource Package for certified trainees. Each trainee that completes our training will receive digital access to our Basic Provider Training Resource Package. This package includes:

  • Weekly study guides with reference information

  • Patient perspective profiles

  • Photography posing guides, consent forms (in five languages) and checklists

  • Patient support handout with QR code Three Little Birds' webpage with virtual support offerings


Provider Training Premium Resource Package ($300) - Three Little Birds also offers a premium resource package to support providers in walking the journey with families experiencing loss at any trimester that is sensitive to personal, religious and cultural diversity. This is provided in a tabbed binder with printed resources along with digital files for easy access.

In addition to the basic package documents, the purchase of the premium package will include the following additional references:

  • Best practices worksheets

  • Communication scripts and guides for difficult conversations

  • Diversity in Loss reference sheets

  • Personalized reference sheet for your facility/local community support details

  • Family resource package documents

  • Option to add on various support packages/material items upon completion of certification

*Note - your purchase is a tax-deductible donation to Three Little Birds Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support

Three Little Birds Support Items


Pregnancy/Infant Loss Postpartum Appointment Support Cards - Three Little Birds has developed our Post-partum Appointment Support Cards to be used to communicate with busy OBGYN offices, doctors, nurses and other providers when a patient may need reasonable accommodation during their appointment. Having to attend postpartum appointments is very difficult after experiencing a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal loss or reoccurring infertility. This double sided card (printed on premium card stock) includes a space for the patient to include their baby's name on the front and fill out the answers to common questions you may be repeatedly asked by staff. This helps the clinician understand that you are grieving and it is not appropriate to ask and re-ask common questions during intake or the passing of care from one provider to another. These cards allow parents to communicate important information discreetly, including:

  • Specifics about their loss experience

  • Date of their last menstrual period

  • Triggers like ultrasounds, touching of stomach or certain providers

  • Option to wait in a separate waiting area away from other pregnant parents

  • Requests for specific conversations regarding experience, current care or continuing their family building journey.

  • Three Little Birds also offers a similar option for families who are pregnant after loss and managing considerable anxiety.

There are two options for purchase: 100 Post-partum Appointment Cards for $60 including shipping or 200 Cards (100 Post-partum/100 Pregnancy After Loss) for $105 including shipping.

Certificate - Johnson.jpg

Recognition of Life Certificates - Due to many governmental and religious laws, families experiencing miscarriage or stillbirth are not usually given an official document for their birth or death. To remedy this, we have developed our Recognition of Life Certificates for families to personalize and take home. Many families will use ink pads to add their baby's foot or hand prints and frame as a keepsake in their home.

We offer a digital/print on demand option ($_____) or pre-printed options ($____ including shipping).

Grief sign.jpg

Perinatal Loss Door Signs - This hospital door signs were created in memory of a sweet baby girl whose family was displeased with the printed white rose paper sign hung on their door as they labored their stillborn child.

These bereavement door signs are meant to inform visitors, hospital workers and medical professionals that the family is experiencing the loss of a pregnancy/baby in a dignified and respectful way. Printed on foam core with the message "Thank you for your kindness as we grieve", they can be re-used on a hospital unit and easily hung (door hanger included). This product design is copywritten and cannot be used without consent. $15/sign. $75/six signs.


Pregnancy After Loss Door Signs - Giving birth to a baby after experiencing loss is an emotional time.  This bereavement door signs are meant to inform visitors, hospital workers and medical professionals that while the family is excited to welcome their little one, they also are managing the grief from the loss of a previous pregnancy/baby in a dignified and respectful way. Printed on foam core with the message "Rainbow Birth in Progress", they can be re-used on a hospital unit and easily hung (door hanger included). This product design is copywritten and cannot be used without consent. $15/sign. $75/six signs.

1. Cover.jpg

Sibling Support Book - Many families experiencing perinatal loss struggle with explaining what has happened to their older children. We have worked with dozens of families who have expressed this concern, as well as options to involve them in memory making and bonding. To support including them in these important moments, Three Little Birds has authored our sibling support book, Remembering Baby Bird to support these conversations. This book gently explains the absence of the baby that was expected and how families can remember them as time goes on. This book has supported hundreds of families experiencing loss in their family building journeys and is available in four versions (English, Spanish, LGBTQ Moms and LGBTQ Dads). $275 for bundle package - 10 english; 5 spanish; 5 LGBTQ)


Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Journal - Three Little Birds authored the perinatal loss journal, A Nest for My Heart, as a safe place for parents to calm their heart and mind in the postpartum period when navigating the journey of grief and loss. While there is no rule book to grief, and the experience is personal to each person, even those grieving the same loss, this journal has been developed as a guide to find time for self-care, reflection and connecting with their baby.  Users can write out thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams and disappointments freely. Most importantly, it can become a place for you to find hope and inspiration to create a legacy for your baby that can help the next family enduring the heartbreak of loss. Parents can acknowledge their feelings by finding corresponding prompts/affirmations through a “Heal Your Heart” exercise, meditation and guidance on how to work through those emotions. Part journal, part baby book, this publication can also serve as a special keepsake for families. $600 for 25 journals + shipping


Pregnancy & Infant Loss Memorial Bracelets - Order these silicone bracelets to support pregnancy and infant loss. The bracelet is pink and blue with white baby feet and text that says Forever in my heart. These make great giveaways for events or in memory boxes or bags. Bulk prices - $____________________

*Note - your purchase is a tax-deductible donation to Three Little Birds Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support

Request a personalized quote


Three Little Birds can customize resource packages with your healthcare network's branding and provide a personalized webpage connected to our printed resources with more local support to provide to families. Request a quote.


Three Little Birds can competitively bulk price comfort or support items for healthcare systems through our non-profit and tax-exempt status based on your specific needs and quantities. Request a quote.

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